CMS Development

Are you still dependent on your developers for minor changes in your website? Stop dependency by using dynamic
CMS(Content Management System) powered site.

CMS Development

Content is King – You know that already. But what you might not know is that you don’t have to rely on web experts to effectively manage rich content of your website anymore. Website built using a CMS would be the best solution for you to handle loads of content at ease.

A Content Management System (CMS) provides an easy means to allow users create and manage website and its content in no time. A CMS, basically, is a website maintenance tool for the non-technical users who want to easily update their websites with little training.

A CMS manages all the content of the website automatically. It keeps the record of each and every piece of information about the content that may include text, videos, documents, photos, music or just anything that you can imagine. It provides a mechanism for controlling documents, auditing, editing and timeline management.

Few good things about CMS:

  • It has automated templates that can be used directly for existing or new content.
  • It helps to manage access control by supporting user groups.
  • Provide facility to expand single implementation across several domains.
  • It separates the content from the visual presentation of the website, which makes it quite simpler to manage and edit the content.
  • CMS includes plug-ins that helps to extend the functionality of the site.
  • CMS includes the feature of Web standards upgrades.
  • It helps to manage the work flow.
  • CMS act as a platform where content can be retrieved and worked on by one or by many authorized users.
  • Content virtualization is possible with CMS where in user can work upon the virtual copy of the website.
  • CMS has the ability to display the content in multiple languages.

At Weblife, we strive to make content management easy and speedier for our clients, ensuring that they spend more time on business operations rather than in adding, editing, or deleting large pile of content on their websites. We build websites with integrated CMS solutions that help you manage business more efficiently. Providing instant access to important content on your website, our CMS solutions facilitate speedier modifications, improved workflow, and higher productivity.

With years of professional expertise in web development and keen knowledge in CMS, Weblife undertakes and successfully delivers CMS web development services for projects of any complexity. No wonder, it gives a distinct edge to your website.

The platforms we use for our CMS development are:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Kentico
  • Joomla
  • SiteCore CMS