Cloud Application Development

Faster development is just one advantage for a technology that should be front and center in your cloud strategy

Cloud Application Development

Cloud computing is a client-server mechanism, one that connects to resources from multiple internet-connected devices. These devices have lower barriers for access to the cloud. It essentially means that applications are made live through the use of many computers that exist online, rather than a local computer or web server.

Advantages of Web Application on Cloud:

  • Increases data reliability.
  • It allows instant software updates.
  • Offers unlimited storage capacity.
  • Allows universal documents access.
  • Multiple users can collaborate easily.
  • Data is stored in a cloud infrastructure.
  • Data can be cached locally for full-offline mode.
  • Cloud computing lowers cost of software as well as hardware.
  • It offers support for different user requirements like data backup, data compression and security.

We build fully maintained web applications for our clients. Our team make sure that the back end as well as middleware is robust enough to support internet based computing. We specialize in building impressive applications that use shared resources, software and information on demand. It also encompasses sharing of a wider range of web applications like storage, computing cycle and even application development platforms.

Our aim is to develop applications and then releasing it on cloud. Years of hands on experience in working on cloud based applications and their development enables us to create cost effective, flexible web applications on cloud. We are experienced in the following areas of Web Application development on Cloud:

  • Working with a PHP supported hosting.
  • Linux, Apache and MySQL.
  • Working with different web browser.
  • SaaS (software as a Service)
  • IaaS (infrastructure as a Service)
  • PaaS (platform as a Service)